Social Justice Warriors are trying to use multiculturalism, diversity and political correctness to take away your rights.

Multiculturalism has almost nothing to do with other cultures … You do not see students protesting on college campuses demanding missionary postings in third world countries to learn more about other societies. You do not have protests demanding more rigorous foreign language requirements … again it has nothing to do with other cultures.

The same is true of diversity.  This is another one of these misleading euphemistic terms. It does not – to put it charitably – have much to do with a diversity of ideas. You do not have real diversity on a college campus, when you have a campus full of people who look different but think alike. ” – Peter Thiel

Snowflakes are Triggered by Free Speech

SJWs… picture themselves as persecuted, oppressed crusaders for peace and equality….These are people who, on a regular basis, call for violence and genocide against “oppressors”, whether it’s white people, heterosexual people, thin people, or just anyone who even slightly disagrees with them.” – Joshua Goldberg

The Diversity Myth: What Multiculturalism is really about.

The concept of “social justice,” which purports to promote equality among the lines of gender and ethnicity, is based on intersectional feminist theory. Per the theory, certain classes of people are naturally oppressors, while others are victims. There’s nothing more divisive than that.” – Ian Miles Cheong

Warning: If you are sensitive to political correctness, you may not like the following video


“Political Correctness is fascism pretending to be manners.” – George Carlin


How to Fight Political Correctness