Did Soros miss a payment? Someone needs to research why Pelosi condemned Antifa prior to Paul Rino Ryan.

Paul Ryan, in keeping his commitment to the Clinton Machine to sabotage Trump, was blindsided by his partner in crime Nancy Pelosi when she condemned Antifa a full day before he succumbed to pressure and did as well.  It could have been a simple Pelosi mix up. Perhaps she had understandably mistaken Antifa for Nazis. Or perhaps she was simply acting out in defiance to Soros when he didn’t come through with a payment or a promise, not an uncommon liberal game strategy.

The best part is the continuous exposure of left leaning Paul Ryan and his efforts to sabotage Trump.  Conservatives see this and know they need to pressure their representatives to Remove Ryan.



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A rarely used procedure called the the Vacate the Chair rule allows any member of the House to bring about an immediate vote to remove the speaker. If a majority of 435 House members supports the motion, the speaker is considered ousted from the role.

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