What is the mainstream media’s apparent irrational obsession with the Trump Team’s communications with Russians? It’s actually quite obvious when you think about it. In serving their left leaning corporate oligarchy establishment, the Deep State cannot have the globalist left’s deeds to be ‘top of mind’ in Americans. That would simply be too damning and they would risk losing the control they currently wield.

Let’s explore the actual news that the mainstream media (yes even Fox News) refuses to investigate and report on. The mainstream media is a Goliath. Better yet, the modern day Patriot is a David shouting, “IS THERE NOT A CAUSE?!”
Let us all explore, share and report the real news.  The news that our corporate fake news mainstream media refuses to report. Here is just a sample list of topics to explore. Perhaps each topic could merit its own website; at a minimum its own article and certainly for all good Americans to share the real news that matters while simultaneously ignoring the fake mainstream media.
Hillary Clinton 
  • Suspicious Deaths and imprisonments of Clinton Associates and Adversaries
  • Looting the White House upon move out at the end of Bill’s term as President
  • Huma Abedin, Hillaries Right hand person and her affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood
  • Emailgate as Secretary of State
  • As Secretary of State, the State Department gave special favors to FOB “friends of Bill.”
  • DNC Collusion Against Bernie Sanders
  • Debate Questions fed to Hillary via Donna Brazile
  • Efforts to Engage Ukraine in Election Tampering
  • The real story behind Benghazi
  • Clinton Foundation – Pay to play
  • Sale of High Tech secrets to China
  • Sale of Uranium to Russia
  • Tying Bill Clinton’s Pardons to Hillary Senate run contributions
  • Globalist purpose behind removal of Gaddafi in Libya
  • Hillary’s relationship with Saul Alinsky
  • Lies: Hillary’s early career lying and being fired, Lying about landing in sniper fire. Lying to the parents of those killed in Benghazi, lying about Bill’s affairs, lying about handling top secret information, her admition that she makes public stands on positions that she doesn’t actually believe,
  • The Dark Clinton Political Machine
  • Use of Benghazi to conflate and confuse during email scandal
  • Clinton rewards Debbie Wasserman Shultz, disgraced DNC chair, by hiring her after she was forced to resign.
Deep State – MSM – DNC
  • Investigating and exposing why none of this is covered by the mainstream media.
  • Murder of Seth Rich & Powerful Media Blackout
  • Stacking the deck in Clinton’s favor at the expense of Bernie Sanders
  • Breitbart’s mysterious death on the eve of planned event to release information about Obama, followed Breitbarts coroner’s mysterious death.
John Podesta
  • Contents of leaked email – there is a lot there.
Loretta Lynch
  • Telling Comey to call the investigation a “matter”
  • Having multiple tarmac meetings with Bill Clinton during FBI investigation into email server issues.
  • DOJ providing insight to Clinton team regarding various stages of investigations taking place.
  • Giving VISA to Russian attorney that then met with Obama and subsequently with Donald Trump Jr. in what appears to be an attempt to frame.
Barack Obama
  • Spying on Americans, including the unmasking and monitoring the Trump Campaign
  • Suspicious meeting with Russian attorney in advance of meeting with Trump Jr.
  • Real story behind Benghazi
  • IRS targeting right leaning businesses and non profits

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