Moronic ESPN Pulls Asian Anchor because his name is Robert Lee.

“Believe Us! We are Fake News too!” they seem to cry out. The media truly lives in a bubble and believe their own lies. The Soros led false flag in Charlotte was from beginning to end a liberal operation; they created the supposed Nazi protest and then simultaneously created the Antifa response.  Then working in concert with the media, they tried to make this all about Trump.  To escalate matters there arose a demand among the libtards to begin to remove statues around the country, and in the south particularly those of Robert E. Lee. ESPN seems to have wanted to play a role in this melee and pulled their Asian Anchor, Robert Lee.

The hilarious lengths the media, in support of the left, will go to … they hang themselves while trying to target Trump. He keeps winning and they keep showing their cards. To their dismay they keep pushing anyone in the center to the right, and further solidifying the position of all who had already been right (with the exception of our liberal, Rino, establishment paid, swamp drinking, Republican congress of course.)

ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! Watch Tucker Carlson’s Segment

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