Sean Hannity nails it regarding the The Destroy Trump Media during a recent show.

The last few days have shown the mainstream media clamoring with hysterics over a meaningless meeting of zero consequence.  It’s predictable yet still obnoxious and we believe that it is actually driving middle america to the right.  Liberals, mainstream media, and the deep state believe that people in America are dumb sheep and that they (DNC/Media/DeepState) just need to jump around and wave their hands (as if shepherds) so that the dumb sheep will get in line and follow them.

There is method to their madness

Caitlin Johnstone writes, in a recent article on Medium, “The sudden increase in baseless Russia hysteria from the corporate media could be attributed to many things, but personally I think it’s the possible movement toward peace in Syria combined with the president’s recent series of tweets talking about moving into a constructive working relationship with Russia. The deep state has been using its media propaganda arm to set up a situation where Trump’s support will be hurt if he doesn’t take a neoconservative stance toward those countries, and he’s suddenly ceased capitulating and stepped way out of line just by saying what he said. No matter how you squint at it, something definitely changed behind the scenes … I’ve truthfully never felt more optimistic than I feel today. More and more plot holes are opening up in the official Russia narrative by the day, and soon as a result of the power struggles between the elites, mainstream America is going to be spoon-fed the realization that their government has been lying to them with the help of the corporate media.”

We know Americans are brilliant. The left mistakes our kindness for weakness and our politeness for lack of will.

The narrative has been lost and we are entering into a new era.

Thanks be to God.