As a Christian conservative I look at this travel ban with comprehensive compassion.

As a husband and father I am in a Covenant with my family.  Even though I love, respect and care for the well-being of others outside my family I lock my doors of my house and business not because of hate, discrimination or paranoia but because of the Covenant I have with my family it is my responsibility to protect them and put them first in my life.

This too is the responsibilities of the president of the United States. He has a covenant with the American people. We would not protest, criticize or hate the person in our homes that have this Covenant with us. We embrace, love and help this person with this duty to keep us safe. It’s all about family and our families are safe between God and Country. This is also about a Covenant. God will not break His Covenant with you and we will not break our Covenant with our Family and the President will not break his Covenant with us, The American people.