Here is the solution to the whole Muslim problem in the world. People call themselves Christians and they have no idea the heart and mind of Jesus. Your a Christian when you lay your life down for Christ and pick up your cross daily and obey His word. The only way that is possible is if you read and study His word. Same with Muslims if you are a Muslim you read and study the Quran and then you will know the heart and mind of Mohammad.

Moderate Christians are not Christians at all. You cannot pick and choose what you want from the Bible its all or nothing. Same with the Quran no picking and choosing. So if you are not radical your nothing, just a fan of a religion. “If you don’t want to be discriminated against because of what you call yourself quit calling yourself something your not.”

If Trump says something about Muslims you now know who he is talking about. Your not a Muslim if you don’t obey the commands of Mohammad. There is no place in this world for a Moderate you are just confused. If you call yourself a moderate Muslim and you don’t agree with all of the Quran then call Mohammad what he is a false profit. If you like what Jesus says but don’t believe He is what He said He is (God) then you are following a lunatic. He is not a lunatic He is God so believe it or quit calling yourself what your not. Again if you call yourself a Muslim but don’t follow and obey the entire Quran your not a Muslim.